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About Us is a socio-business website, designed and developed primarily for businessmen and professionals, and it is meant to provide a one window solution to all your business needs. Though, Buydirect is a social website we have made a considerable effort to protect and preserve privacy of man and woman. Our journey, so far, can best be described as one of 'mighty learning experience'. We started with a very simple and basic real estate classified website,, which was later on reved up to become one of the most progressive and state of the art real estate classified websites of the country.

Now, we have taken a step further and offered a business solution and social website for Pakistan that we believe is the most modern and pragmatic business website of the country. However, we are mindful that this is not the end, it is rather only a beginning of a new journey.

Budirect is motivated by passion to create and innovate. Therefore, we will continue to pursue our rage for innovation and Buydirect shall keep evloving in order to provide you more comprehensive and even better services and business solutions. We are always in search of the best creative minds in the country. So, if you are the One, come, and join Buydirect team.

Our next mission is to introduce a first global website originating from Pakistan. Come, join us and be a part of this exciting journey.