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Is your child safe? Who is the next victim of the Orc who abused Zainab?


Zainab was only a young girl, just eight, when she was kidnapped, taken to an unknown place, battered, tortured and molested for almost five days before she was suffocated and murdered.

Zainab’s story does not come to an end here. Her body was found from a dumpster in Qasur last week. This triggered clash between the local police and protestors. The Police opened direct fire at the unarmed and unprotected protesters, killing two and injuring another three. CCTV footages of Zainab's kidnapper were voluntarily provided to the police by the local residents but the kidnapper has not been arrested until now.

To make things worse, this was not a first and one-off episode of this kind that has been reported from the neighborhood. Another fourteen incidents of a similar nature took place in District Qasur in the last twelve months only. Victims of those incidents also happen to be young girls and boys who were abused then murdered and afterwards their bodies were dumped in a similar fashion in the same waste-yard in Qasur.

DNA testing suggests that the Orc who violated Zainab was involved in atleast seven earlier incidents. This raises some serious questions.

Is your child safe? You could be the next victim of this horrific creature. It so happens that you are not safe until your neighbor is safe. It is your duty and  responsibility to ensure that your neighbor is safe and secure and all his rights as human being and a citizen of the State are protected. Until that happens you and your loved ones are not out of harm’s way but are waiting passively for your turn to come.

Nature’s law is very simple ‘protect your neighbor and you will be protected’. In this age of globalization, depending upon circumstances, every person is your neighbor. All those who are ‘alive’ must strive and ensure justice for Zainab, her family and other victims of Qasur. So, wherever you are you must do everything within your reach to make sure that justice should prevail.

It is beyond any doubt that ‘police is the villain of our society’. How unfortunate is this? People cannot turn to police at the time of need. Police stations are supposed to be sanctuaries for victims of crimes. Whereas they have turned into a place for harboring and nurturing of criminals and criminal mind-set as police has become a sign of fear, terror, horror and injustice, for a long time now, yet no steps, whatsoever, have been taken by the Government of Punjab to redress the issue.

In Zainab’s incident the police was obviously reckless and negligent even if not directly involved. The little girl had gone missing for five long days before her body was found. Her disappearance was reported to the police yet they did not do a thing to even attempt to recover her. And how did the Government of Punjab respond? Two police officers who had opened direct fire at the peaceful protestors were discharged from their duty.

Mr Shahbaz Shareef A.k.a. ‘Khadim e Alla’ such superficial and half-hearted measures will not do any more. We obviously need and so we demand extensive reforms in the policing laws of the Province of Punjab, especially, the laws relating to hiring, promotion, suspension and dismissal of a police officer. The people of Punjab are demanding independence and freedom of the police from politicians.


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